General Rules

Dress Code

Uniform is compulsory to all students on all days including days of examination and special classes.


The college has zero tolerance to ragging, which is totally banned in the campus. Students are warned that Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998 and the Direction of Hon. Supreme Court of India and the UGC Regulations on Ragging 2009 and the guidelines of University of Calicut expressly prohibit ragging inside or outside the campus.

Identity Cards

All students must wear identity cards on all days, including days of examination, special classes and vacation. A student without ID card will not be allowed to enter the college campus.

Mobile Phones

The use of Mobile phones is restricted in the campus. Indiscriminate use should be strictly avoided while inside the college, the Mobile phones should invariably be kept in switched off mode.


Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than the official ones.


Continuous evaluation is followed for all programmes. 75% attendance and good progress & conduct are compulsory to appear for the University examination.

University Examinations

Examinations are conducted in the college strictly according to the examination rules of the University of Calicut and scrupulously upholding the sanctity of the process. Students should not resort to any malpractice. Instances of malpractices and violations of examination rules will be reported to the University and the punishment may extend upto debarring from the future examination along with hefty fine.


Students are expected to maintain the dignity and decorum on all occasions. The college property should be handled with utmost care; students shall not disfigure the walls or furniture by writing on them or sticking bills. Use of drugs and chewing gum are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Indecent behavior towards teachers and fellow students will not be compromised.

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